Why Should You Join Infolinks to Monetize your Blog?

People often wonder how Infolinks proves to be the best alternative for the world-known service called Google AdSense. The apparent reasons for why this is so are huge! Infolinks provides a number of reasons for why one might want to use their services. The major reasons are:-

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  • Less time consuming processIt takes utterly less time to actually get approved of and then to attach it to your website. Thinking about it, it only takes 72 hours compared to Google’s 7 days! Yes, you heard it right! AdSense takes a lot of time in getting approved, or maybe rejected, whereas this service known as Infolinks, takes really less amount of time to get approved of.
  • Easy embeddingonce approved, embedding it into your website becomes fairly easy. You can easily embed Infolinks to your website using a couple of clicks or taps in the dashboard.
  • No effort requiredonce embedded, infolinks handles the rest! It replaces a couple of keywords from your website with links which when hovered over, display advertisements and you earn money from such advertisements.
  • Does not take any of the virtual space on blog or website…It does not take up space on your website since all the advertisements are on a keyword basis and are included in the content instead of spamming the whole blog or website. This further makes it very easy for navigation based blogs or others. People do not get the feeling of spam or scam when they visit your website.
  • Ability to choose the number of ads…It gives you the ability to choose how many advertisements to be placed on your website. A number of advertisements on your website may result in it looking very much spammed and will in turn reduce your views on a very large extent, since people will try to find alternatives. And when this happens, you will lose all reason for having put the advertisements since it will be affecting your views.
  • Cheap, with multiple payment options…Less rent to be paid is another one of the major reasons. Infolinks takes only $50 which needs to be paid using the well-known services like PayPal, Payoneer and Wire at the end of every 45 day terms.

Of course as usual there are points that you need to consider before investing. Yet these points are very small and quite negligible since you may or may not even consider them as flaws. Hence we will try to move on to the more informative section of the post which we believe that may interest you more.
Types of Advertisements

  • In-Tag Ads:  In-tag advertisements are a small set of words placed at one place on the blog, which will be viewed once hovered over. This is one of the types of services offered by Infolinks.

infolinks in tag review monetize site

  • In-Frame Ads:  In-fold advertisements are two advertisements or possibly more which are placed at the two sides of your website and are usually viewed together on the website or blog. They are viewed each time a viewer visits your website and you definitely get paid per view.

infolinks best alternative to monetize site

  • In-Fold Ads :  In-fold advertisements are placed at the bottom of the screen and are viewed with a way to hide them. They hover above the whole website and are unaffected by the text and other things or objects on the website

infolinks best to monetize site for money

All the three types of advertisements can be turned off by the viewer, which is a very nice feature since the people who visit your blog will not feel as if they are forced to watch the advertisements or stuff of the sort. They will feel freer in terms of ad-free.

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Concluding the post, we believe that with this much info, you might just be able to decide whether you want to go for this ad service or not. Since this is a very good alternative to AdSense, any person whose account was not approved by the very strict checking done by Google might think that this is it for them! Giving this service a try is possibly the best advice that we can give.

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    Hi Tharun, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Great review, thanks for sharing your thoughts on us! Lots of great information here. Keep up the good work and happy blogging 🙂

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    I actually used Infolinks on my first blog, and found that it was much easier to sign up for than Google was, so I definitely agree with you. Once my latest blog becomes more mature I am planning to re-register with Infolinks so I can kickstart monetizing once more.
    Great article.

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    There are many benefits of in text contextual ads for online content publishers and Infolinks leads the way for in text advertising by guaranteeing the highest payout possible from In text pay per click advertising on your website.

    However using Adsense along with Infolinks is not recommended.

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    Infolinks has been so popular in these days and also pay a lot. So adding infolinks to our blogs for monetizing would be an ideal choice.
    Google adsense and infolinks would be a great match for monetizing a blog.

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