Justhost review: Is Justhost really best among all web hosting?

Designed for business holders as well as individuals, Justhost is an excellent Linux based hosting company. Justhost was created in 1998 with a promise of providing trusted service and the best hosting experience to its customers. Their single plan “Just Plan” is sufficient enough to offer various features to its clients at very affordable rates.


Here is a detailed review of Justhost where the experiences of the customer have been used to discuss its pros and cons.

Justhost review of its advantages

With just a 15 years experience, Justhost has earned the reputation of quality web hosting provider and has won several awards of appreciation for its hosting services.

  • Multiple web hosting service from a single account– while going through Justhost review and using its services, it is up to you that how many domains you wish to host from your individual account. It also offers an unlimited bandwidth along with an unlimited disk space. Also the domains are further divided into sub domains, add on domains and parked domains. All these features help you grow your website according to your need without worrying about the limitations.
  • Superb business tool– As per Justhost review, business tools are considered among the best as they help you to market your company and allow you to earn by selling products online. Entrepreneurs will be highly impressed by the free shopping cart or ecommerce software that is made available at Justhost for your website. Such business strategies will surely increase the sales or jumpstart your business.
  • Uptime guaranteed at 99.9% – Justhost offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% on all of their websites which is almost like a burden lifted for the customers as they know that their website is functional most of the time and you get exactly what you pay for. Through Justhost, you are at a piece of mind and can easily focus on your other work priorities.d
  •  Zero setup fee– in addition to some monthly fee many host providers also as for a setup fee making it quite difficult for the customers to afford it. If you refer to different Justhost reviews, you no longer have to worry about the setup fee as it offers it for free.
  • Excellent customer support– Justhost offers you various support channels like twitter, Facebook, live chats, emails and phone calls. They will tell you about the average waiting time on various channels so that you can connect with them efficiently. Also, the support helpline is 24×7 where they believe that even a second of delay could have a huge impact on your business.

Downsides of Justhost

Many customers while working on Justhost also experienced a bit of problems and wished to share them with you for your benefits.

  • Only Linux- As per Justhost review, works only on Linux and not on Windows which at times may be a problem for a few of its customers.
  • No VPS hosting facility– if at all you purchase an unlimited plan of Justhost and want to upgrade to VPS hosting, then you surely would be disappointed as there is no cloud hosting option with Justhost.
  • No sever backups on daily basis– unlike many host providers that provide your website with a daily server backup, Justhost simply offers you only weekly server backup which is also not guaranteed with the fact that they strongly encourage their customers to come up with their own server backups. If at all you uploading content on a daily basis, it could be a bit annoying for you and it best for you to choose a hosting provider that will successfully provide you with daily backup options.
  • No catchall email- Justhost doesn’t provide you with the option of creating a catchall email through which you can easily confine nonexistent emails sent at your domain. Although it’s not a crucial feature but still without a catchall email you will miss necessary emails sent to misspelled and outdated accounts.

Justhost is a young web hosting provider with just 15 years of experience in the field and is guaranteed to prosper and come among the top 5 web hosting companies in the near future. Looking forward for your replies on this just host review hosting company.

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  1. Kuldeep says

    Hi Tharun,
    I personally feel that justhost is not a good option for someone who wants to get the most out of his/her blog.
    What you think?
    Is justhost better than Bluehost and Hostgator?

  2. Onyema says

    Hi Sir, happy new yr. It has being long I commented on site do to ur previous template but thankGOD that u ve change ur template, as about justhostreview, I prefer Hostgator to host my blog.

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