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Prevent wordpess blog from hacking is must. You might have know about hacked list of blogs and you find many blogs are from wordpress. Users without knowing security tips, they start using wordpress and get into technical problems. Previously I have explained to block directory listing in wordpress as a security tip. Now I just want you to notice, to block a account if anyone tries to login multiple times. It is must to limit login attempts in wordpress to prevent your blog from hacking.

Limit wordpress login attempts
Limit login attempts plugin

We are blocking an account but we notify him if he or she tries more attempts to login into account. This helps the admin of blog to notice someone is trying to access an account by repeated logins. In order to prevent our blog from repeated logins, we have wordpress plugin “Limit Login Attempts”. which helps to control login attempts.

This plugin have some good features like setting up number of logins to block an account. Set duration to relogin again. You can also have notification if someone tries to login into your account. With few settings in this Limit Login Attempts plugin you can control error login attempts and secure your wordpress blog from hacking. You need not to worry about this if no one tries to login into your account. But what if you friends or any other hacker is trying to login into your website? Brute Force methods are used to break passwords of your websites. In this method they develop a script to try all alphabets , numbers and special characters to break your password with default username admin. That’s what I suggest to change your username from admin in wordpress to some other.

After downloading Limit Login attempts plugin, Install it by migrating to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload and Activate it. Now go to Settings >> Limit Login Attempts. Make custom settings there.

Limit login attempts guide
Limit login attempts guide

The above image is settings made in one of my blog and the explanation based on the image is below.

  • Statistics:  Total lockouts = The number of lockouts made by some one. I have set lockout entries to 4. It meas when some tries to login and fails for 4 time he is locked out. For 5 minutes .
  • Notify on lockout :  You can also set notifications when user go locked out. Enabling IP, it also shows from which IP attempt was made.
  • If users tries more than 5 times his lockout time changes to 1 hour.

If you scroll down you find all the information followed by username and ip address used to login into your account.

lockout uses for limited logins in wordpress
lockout uses details

Hope you just loved our article and it’s upto you. I would be happy if you could drop a comment about his and suggest any other plugins similar to control login attempts in wordpress.

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  1. says

    Hello Tharun,
    Nice review and tutorial you laid down here.
    I must confess that i am a big fan of limit login attempt. and i do install it on my clients websites. it really do fight login attempt and it also give you the ip of the attempted login location incase you feel like banning that ip.
    You did lay the tutorial well and for that, i say thanks and do have a great weekend start 🙂

    • says

      Wow that’s really true. Limit login attempts is new to me but it works fine. So I came with this plugin that helps users to control their login attempts. Thanks for your comment. Stay with us.

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