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Create a badge or logo for blogger blog or wordpress blog or any other website. It’s simple for photoshop professional but not for the people who are not familiar with the photoshop. So, you are worried in creating your badge for your site/blog. And you also want to know another way to create website badge for your website. You have seen in many websites. You can also see in BoggerBulk . Hope got it. This micro button comes in 80X15 pixels in size. The button maker tool provides you with multiple options of making a good looking button or badge for your blogger blogs or wordpress blogs and also for your other websites. You can choose border length, border style, background colors, font type and text. This tool is extremely easy to use and no expert tech skills are required to design a button. However I would like to share this with you and expecting you to share with your friends using social media.

Desing a logo or badge to your website online
Create a stylish logo for your blog

1. Open CoolText

2. Scroll down and find for the image as shown below, click on image. to create free logo

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3. You find many options to customize your badge. Your badge is divided into two portions, left and right. You can manually set the width or you also have an option to make it auto ( scroll down to see option ).

Auto Width

 4. You can also customize font and background colour of your badge. As I mentioned you badge is divided into two parts, so you have can customize it in two ways.

Editing setting to create a badge
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A)  Change the given text “PIXEL” to your preferred text. Also “BADGE” for your right portionB)  Choose the font style for your website logo or website badge.C)  For two parts of your badge, this option allow you to change text colour and background of left half. Scroll down and you find similar options for right half of your badge.

This option helps you to manage border colour of your badge or logo that your have been working to create for your blog.
Adjust border in
After making custom setting and editing to your badge. Just imagine the look of your badge and think once whether it shoots your website design or not. If it is perfect then click on Create Logo.
Create logo in cool
You would be redirected to another page where you can find the image and options to download image, HTML code for your image, You can also send your image to your friends as email. You are permitted to share it on Facebook, Google + followed by Twitter.
Image created from

How to use this image as credits in blogger?

Help Us logo widget in blogger
After downloading your image, in a New Post upload your image and get the link to your image. Later goto LAYOUT >> Add a Gadget >> find HTML/Javascript and paste the below code there and make your editing by replacing your image link and text.

<span style=” margin:0px; color: #0084ce;”><p align=”justify” style=”font-family: arial;
color: #666; margin-bottom:10px;” >If our Tutorials have helped you a little, then kindly spread our voice using the badge below:-</p></span>


<img border=”0″ src=”“/>


<input style=”width: 100px;” value=”<a href=”” ><img border=”0″ src=’’ rel=”Blogger Widgets” title=”Blogger Widgets”/></a>” readonly=”readonly” onclick=”this.focus();” type=”text”/></p>



Video Tutorial on Creating a badge or logo to your site

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