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Password protecting your apps is important in case you have some personal files and you don’t want to get deleted. There are many app in android market to prevent from being get deleted. App Lock(app) is a free app available in market to download and free to use. App Lock provides user friendly system to control for your installed app settings. Locking your apps with password is a best way to protect it from neighbors, children’s and many more. As targeting other who uses your mobile on your way to their visit, and hurts you if they go through all your personal pics, games and videos. This app also helps you to lock games in your android phones and tablets. App Lock provides you to lock everything what you want. App Lock is good enough for all requirements you need. Password should be only numbers. It doesn’t accept alphabets, but it do accept patterns. App Lock locks every app including task manager, Settings, Games, Gallery, Phonebook and messages.

Free app to lock apps in mobile phones

How App Lock works?

App Lock works fine for me. Just download app lock from android market. Install it. On your first you need to set password. It is 4 numbered password. App Lock have custom setting you can use two type of lock systems. Numbers and Patters. App Lock asks for password when ever user tries to open a locked app. Might be irritating but feels ok on coming days. App Lock works in background. And keep tracking your locked apps. It protects them perfectly no issue no problems.

 App lock best app to lock installed app with password

Easy Menu Operating:

You have a simple, understanding menu to operator apps in app lock. You have a slider to lock and unlock your android apps. Your menu is divided into two portions, General and Advanced. In advanced you have most important setting regarding to Application Manager, Google Play Store, Incoming call and Install/ Uninstall settings.  In general, you can manage all installed apps.


Advanced android locking app for mobile phones
Tip To Protect Your App in High Security :  This is app is just awesome and a free version to keep passwords to your apps. I have a special tip to you to enable high protection. You make use either patter or number pad to lock your apps. But remember to lock your task manager. Why? As I told you this app runs in background, which means in task manager all the time. If you clear data of your task manager automatically app lock stops working and users can access files easily. So remember to lock task manager also. And don’t forget your password. This is a basic collection of best app to lock installed application with password. We would be back with more articles. So stay tuned. Comment if you have alternative free app to lock your app.

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