Pros and cons of Hostgator

There are many hosting companies but Hostgator is the best among all. Few months back, I have the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting and then I feel unhappy with this hosting service. So I have decided to switch my web-hosting into Hostgator.
So there are several months of experience with me to explain you the pros and cons of Hostgatorweb-hosting company.
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Below are full pros and cons list of using HostGator that would’ve been useful to know before signing up.
Pros of HostGator Shared Web Hosting

• Price
Hostgator are provided with 3 best shared hosting plans. And accordingly the price is pretty much affordable. Especially the Baby plans, it is the best plans ever in Hostgator with Unlimited everything.
Their pricing is 20% the first year – but I used a promo code like swampland25 to get 25% the first year. So the Baby Plan was $5.72/mo. Next year, it’s only going to pop up to $7.63/mo.
They have a Hatchling Plan that’s even cheaper(!) if you only need 1 domain.
As compared to other companies Hostgator has always stood strong regarding pricing the plans. And all other companies always had either higher long-term prices, not as good features, or not the reputation of HostGator.
And there is an additional 25% off on every plans with hostgator coupon code that make them more popular among the other web hosting companies.
• Great Service + Uptime

HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime (which is 8 downtime hours per year). As compared to the Godaddy service this was never as better as in Hostgator.
Speaking of DNS – that was the topic of one of my couple interactions with the HostGator support staff.
HostGator delivered the 24 x 7 x 365 service. And it was really active, when I was having a technical problem (ie, on a simple step though, but I was unable to solve it).
I logged in on chat – and then got my questions answered right away.
Video tutorial– Another best thing, I was also really impressed with HostGator’s How-To guide on moving your WordPress website from one host to another.
• Transfer Service + QuickInstall
HostGator has a pretty incredible service where they will transfer your entire website for you.
Just after providing all the necessary detail to the website, it automatically does the transferring work within few seconds.

The 1 click install service – just on a click, you can install WordPress without any difficulties. But if found problem while installation, there is the video tutorials to help you solve this problem.
• Unlimited Everything
HostGator’s plans offer unlimited everything, except the Hatchling Plan, which offers unlimited everything, but provide only 1 domain. Unlimited database means that you can have pretty much as many WordPress installs as you want.
Unlimited domains (on Baby and Business plans) means you can have literally unlimited websites on 1 plan.
Unlimited bandwidth means that you can scale, and not worry about visitors, although every shared host is going to crash if you get on the front page of CNN, and millions all come at once.
And then there are unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts, so you can give secure access to any number of people.
• cPanel
cPanel is the software that runs your server’s backend. It’s what you login to when you want to install a website, etc.
They are a bit easier to use, but you are totally dependent on them for support – and they can be very limiting and frustrating in what you can and cannot do.
• Open Stance
HostGator also has a by-default open stance towards you running your website.
Obviously they aren’t going to let you set up a large scale spam operation – but for example, GoDaddy is notorious for filtering all email from your website (ie, contact forms). In fact, for clients that use GoDaddy or 1&1 – I usually have to install a separate WordPress plugin that redirects the contact form through Gmail so that they are cool with sending it out.
And in Hostgator such problems are not face so far, provided with default customization.
Cons of HostGator Shared Web Hosting
• Apparent Complexity

HostGator provides great support, documentation, and tutorials as mentioned above – but it doesn’t really do much to make the process look easy, even when it is.And comparing with GoDaddy, it makes the process look easy.

TTFB term for Time To First Byte. It refers to how fast a server is able to start responding to a request.
With Hostgator the server problem always fluctuate sometimes goes down and sometime the speed increases.That’s a problem with a lot of shared hosts – but it’s something HostGator should improve upon.
• Feels Like You’re On Your Own
HostGator has great support for their hosting, but they don’t do a ton of prevention stuff for you.
Again, that’s standard practice for cheap hosting ,if you want everything done for you – it will be $30/mo with WP Engine.
HostGator does weekly backups, which is nice, but it’s not above and beyond. The same way with malware scanning. If you run a WordPress site – you are on your own to run it and maintain it.
• Various Rumors
Some people say that HostGator throttles your bandwidth without your knowledge. They also say that HostGator crams more sites onto a server that is healthy.
I have no idea. I’ve read the exact rumors about other hosting companies. And the nature of the rumors is that you can never really disprove them.
• Not The Cheapest
HostGator is the cheapest in value only for the long-term price. And also the Discount promo code sometimes donot bring the cheapest as they shows.
• High price Domains
Speaking of domain companies, HostGator sells domain name, and even offers them directly through cPanel.
But they are pretty expensive – $15/yr for .com and other in very high prices.
It’s kind of annoying. But that’s normal;HostGator is a hosting company, not a domain company. So for the deal on Domain, one must choose the Godaddy or the Bigrock.

• Not As Many Goodies
HostGator gives you $100 in AdWords credit and a 45-day guarantee in addition to a pretty awesome site builder.
But other hosting companies give away cool stuff like Yahoo, Flickr, and Fotolia ad credits. HostGator needs to get on the business development scene.Although those are not much of importance.
So the above mention are the Pros and cons, that all must know. So they should be clear about the Pros and cons for the Web-hosting Service: Hostgator. Thus the Hostgator are the leading Web-Hosting companies, with many awesome features and tools.

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