Quickly Increase Domain Authority ( DA ) Infographics

Domain Authority is shortly known as DA. Domain Authority is important when compared to Page Rank. Mostly there is talk that “Domain Authority started replacing page rank”. Page Rank next update settled to be a big question in every blogger’s mind. But the latest trend is on DA. So we need some quick tips to increase domain authority ( DA ). More the DA more the SERP ( Search Engine Rank Position). So a website is said to be good enough if it has good domain authority. You can check you DA ( domain authority ) here.

increase domain authority da quickly
How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) Quickly

Domain Authority is provided by MOZ. It tell how easily a website can get ranked well in search results. Google and advertisers now looking forward for quality blogs with good DA. So it’s must be a target to attain good rank in Domain Authority. Page Authority ( PA) and Domain Authority are totally different. Each have their own derivation. We need to write more informative article on these two. Surely we come up with all good guide soon.


Domain Authority metric uses algorithm that rank a website DA value from 0 to 100. A website with DA 60 is listed more in search results when compared to website with less DA. So, I am here publishing good infographics to increase domain authority. This article was shared by Rohit Palit, on his blog Tech Tage in his latest post.  So explaining how domain authority can be improved quickly, he also have a good infographics that would surely help us to improve domain authority.


Infographics to improve domain authority

domain authority increasing tips infographics

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  1. says

    Thanks sir 4 sharing this infographics, this has realy open my eye to know more about SERP AND DA. Please sir, is alexa free or paid service and how can one register and embed Alexa Rank in his or her blog.

    • says

      Yaa. Really we need some great tips to increase domain authority. I think the above infographics surely help us. I do agree with you. Infographics has many reasons as specified above. And we should also remember about domain hosting at same IP. They too get affect our Domain Authority (DA) Thanks for your visit. Keep commenting.

  2. Susan Velez says

    Hi Tharun,

    Love the infograph and they are some great tips for getting your domain authority up. I think that the most important step in helping your blog is taking the time to promote it. So many people don’t spend enough time getting traffic to it.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

    • says

      Hello Susan Velez,
      How are you doing? Thanks for your visiting on infographics about domain authority. Yes, regularly active and producing good stuff would surely going to rock in DA. Keep visiting and thanks for your comment.

  3. onyema says

    Sir, thanks for sharing this Domain Authority Tutorial, Sir the template u change now is very difficult to comment on mobile I think you should do us favour by making it easy for us to comment and sir please how can one use and Embed Alexa Rank in Web.

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