How to Root and Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S Android Smartphone

Tutorial: how to root or unroot your Xiaomi Redmi 1S android smartphone easily. Xiaomi Redmi 1S is hot cake in INDIA. But Redmi has set many problems to its users regarding Low RAM issue and other problems. Apart from that, still rooting and unrooting of this device is complicated. So, this article is for them.

As Redmi 1S now available at only online ecommerce site i,e Flipkart. It has been a very tough competition to buy Redmi 1S Smartphone. So there are tricks to buy Xiaomi MI 3 or Redmi 1S in Flipkart at your first go.

But since we need to discuss about rooting, I would like to say before you start rooting of this device, create backup to your data. You can still have your registration done at Flipkart, if you have not bought your mobile. <use this link>

Root or unroot Xiaomi-Redmi-1S

Root Xiaomi Redmi 1s Android smartphone

To do Redmi 1s rooting successfully please follow below steps one by one as mentioned. Make sure you have backup to your data.

1. Download from MI official site to your computer/PC. Later move that file your Redmi 1S SD card using USB Cable. Make sure to place file in root directory of your memory card.

2. Now disconnect your Redmi 1S smartphone from PC.

3. Click on Updater app, then press the menu/options button and then select “Reboot to recovery mode” from the menu.

4. In the MI-recovery mode, select English as language and click on Continue. (you can choose Chinese if you know  🙂 )

5. Now select and confirm “Install to System“. Installation process some time.

6. After installation is done, confirm and select “Reboot”

7. After rebooting, open Security app >> Permission and Activate Root Permission

Success! You now completed rooting of your Xiaomi Redmi 1S Android smartphone. 🙂

Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S SmartPhone?

So if you wish to unroot your redmi 1s mobile, then follow below steps for that.

1. Goto Security App >> Permission and deactivate Root permission

2. Download the file to your computer/PC and move it your Redmi 1S SD Card using USB Cable. Now change the file name from UnRootNative to

3. Disconnect your smartphone from computer.

4. Launch Updater App>> press menu/options button >>and from menu select “Reboot to recovery mode

5. In Mi-recovery mode, select and confirm your preferred language as “English

6. Now select “” and confirm it. The installation process begins and may take little to for it to finish.

7. Once the installation process is over, select and confirm reboot.

Success.! You now unrooted your Redmi 1S smartphone easily.

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      Hi Abhishek,
      The link is working fine. Make sure you login to by registering an account there. Once you login, you would be able to download it for sure.

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      • parmeshwar says

        I am getting error as unable to find file …
        I have kept to root directory of SD card.
        I have downloaded both the zip from your links

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      Every mobile has root directory just check them twice.. root directory of your sd card..

      How to access it?
      Open File Manager >> External Sd (this is your root directory for your sd card)

  1. Sarat says

    Should I copy the file to the root directory of the SD card or the internal storage? Coz in the MI forum, its said to copy to the root of the internal storage.

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    Helo Tharun ,

    I like your post of Root and Unroot Android Smartphone. I also use your tips and I copied file to the root directory of the SD card or the internal storage.

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