Basic Settings After Installing WordPress Newly

Must use basic settings for new wordpress blogs to get success in blogging. WordPress blogs have many seo plugins, but internal essential wordpress settings are must to improve blog performances. So today I would guide you to make your wordpress blog fit for some basic settings for new blogs. WordPress permits to control each and every section from your dashboard. So, I was here to give a brief set up for new blogs.

1. SEO Permanent link settings in wordpress

As I told you wordpress blogs have good SEO customization. So in permanent link structure you are free to set how your post url appears. Default link of your post would be these url is really ugly. We need to make it SEO Optimized setting it post name. In order to do this migrate to SETTINGS >> PERMANENTLINKS >> Under Custom Settings change the default option to post name. Now your url appears as see top of the url in address bar. If you want to add .html at the end of your post url then choose custom structure and paste this code there   :    /%postname%.html

permanent link chaning in wordpress
SEO Permanent link settings in wordpress

2. Settings for user registrations

Allowing user registration is good or bad? I do recommend to allow if you need enlarge your circle. A blog like mine would need guest authors. So I allow users to register in my blog and get my updates. I do recommend to allow your visitors to register into your site. You can enable this option in SETTINGS >>GENERAL >> under Membership you can enable registration. I know you have a question mark on your face what to use? Either subscriber, admin, Author, Contributor. Don’t worry we would write up one for you soon.

How to allow users to register
Allow registering users

 3. Enable threaded comments in wordpress

Enabling threaded comments in wordpress helps both author as well as visitors to comment and get solutions to their comments easily. Visitors could find solutions to their answers if admins gives replies to their comment. To use this comment system go to SETTINGS >> Discussion and make the setting show in below image

Activate threaded comments in wordpress
Activate threaded comments

4. Comment settings for wordpress

You well know how to comment. But why don’t you make custom settings in wordpress for comments, the below is the image shows to set up comment system in wordpress. Comparing to blogger blog, preventing spam comments is must in wordpress blogs. Where as in blogger you don’t find any of such issues. Better install Akismet plugin that prevents thousands of spam comments.

Comment settings in wordpress blogs
Comment settings in wordpress blogs

5. Setting up gravatar image to commentators

By default you have a ugly comment image to the people who have not registered there image in gravatar. If you want to show your image in wordpress comments then you need to sign up and set your image in Gravator.

Setting up gravatar image in wordpress
Setting up gravatar image in wordpress

6. Updating ping list in wordpress

You might have noticed a option in wordpress dashboard in SETTINGS >> WRITING >>Update services. Pinging is a process of submission of your new post or edited / modified post in many online ping services. Using this list would surely index your new post in search engines. So using this ping list would give good results. You need to remember excess of ping list would result in spamming. So it is recommended to use for new post and for edited posts. Also note by default wordpress send your new post to many pinging services, so don’t worry about this. This helps to index new post in search engines.


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