Snapdeal Affiliate Program Review ( Signup / Earning Proof )

After flipkart affiliate program review, here comes Snapdeal affiliate program review for making money with eCommerce sites like flipkart for INDIANS. Basically snapdeal is also the best site regarding to local areas. Because most of flipkart sellers are from major metro politician cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and few other. So, Snapdeal product deliver is quite fast when compared to flipkart. If you are serious in making money in INDIA without investing that too as student, then I do recommend to signup for snapdeal affiliate program. But is Snapdeal affiliate spam?

snapdeal affiliate program review earning proof signup

Snapdeal also offers, good commissions to their affiliate users. Recently, I have applied for snapdeal affiliate program. To my surprise, I got my affiliate account approved. Getting snapdeal affiliate account is harder when compared to flipkart affiliate program. Where as flipkart permits users to access their affiliate dashboard as soon as they confirm their email. But in case of Snapdeal, they would ask for sites where you gonna share affiliate links. Once your enter your site url, you need to wait for 3-4 business days to get a reply from them regarding your account status.

In the morning, having a cup of tea, I noticed unread email from my inbox. As soon I found that my account got approved for affiliate program. I just checked their affiliate dashboard. So I decided to make a tutorial post for users who are new to Snapdeal affiliate program.


How to Signup for Snapdeal Affiliate Program?

Its quite easy to signup for snapdeal affiliate program, all you need is just go with this link, and click on ‘Affiliate Signup‘. Fill the form you get, make sure you give original details and add your website/blog at last option. Click on I agree to terms and conditions and then “Signup Button”.

Now just relax until you get email from Snapdeal to notify about your account status. You get conformation email whether it is approved or not..

Inorder to add your snapdeal affiliate id to product links, it is quite easy to do it.

Check snapdeal affiliate program commission rates on electronics, mobiles, computer accessories, books, fashion, beauty related shopping items by see below table.


Now unlike flipkart, snapdeal offers other commission rates to users who personally run sites. In order to append/add your affiliate id to snapdeal products, you can easily add by choosing a product link and add the below code at end to the product


You need to change ‘Offer ID‘ and your ‘Your_Affiliate_ID‘ with yours.

I also tagged snapdeal affiliate earning proof images and also check payouts in my account.


Hope this snapdeal affiliate review helped to make money online by selling your products. Drop a comment below if you have any doubts related this topic. I feel happy if you could click on like, share buttons πŸ™‚

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NOTE: Commission would be approved after one month of recorded date and you won’t get payouts for cancelled orders.

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  1. says

    Hi Tharun, Thanks for the sharing affiliate program but i am unable to convert the visitor to buyer please recommend any tips tricks. I have tried in the may affiliate program but no luck. Please give some tips. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Shiv,

      Basically a visitor converts into buyer only if he loves the product, inorder to make him get attracted to the product, you should write a review and mention it advantages. Make sure you clearly explain why he/she should buy that product.

  2. says

    I am very happy to come over to your site this evening. please sir, I am experience a technical problem with my domain Register company i.e, yesterday they sent me an email that read below.
    > Dear Valued GoDaddy Customer.
    > Your account contains more than 382 directories and may pose a potential
    > performance risk to the server.
    > Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible
    > account deactivation.
    > In order to prevent your account from being locked out we recommend that you
    > create special tmp directory.
    so Sir, I really need your help or suggestion on how to go about this.I know this might be a wrong tread but I have to put it there because of it urgency. I will be very grateful If this comment will have immediate replay.

  3. says

    This looks good, might be an alternative for Amazon Affiliate program. Do you happen to know any sites like Snapdeal for international users? I’m from Canada so Snapdeal might not a best option for me.

  4. says

    Hi Tharun,

    Just wondering on how can I create snapdeal banners on right sidebar on my blog?
    I like to display banners on my home page side bar, but cant find a way our. Amazon and flipkart are quite easy to play around and try a lot of things, but snapdeal one is quite tricky!!
    Any way out?
    Also, my offers tab on dashboard shows only one offer, do I need to add more myself or they themselves send offers? What’s the way to add those offers, in case I have to do it?

  5. Khirthan says

    Hi People,

    I have a generated some pretty amount in the Snapdeal affliate program using the Google Adwords. But i dont think so it should be done like that as per terms and conditions. But will i get atleast some money of it…

    Secondly Should i have site to promote their Adds at any costs..

  6. kaushik says

    I have recently started using flipkart affiliate program.
    I think affiliate program is some what different from flipkart one.
    Can you tell me in detail that how can i get my referal link.

  7. Bhavdip says

    Sir, I have confusion to generate product link .. They may give example like add offer id and affiliate id in product link.. Is it enough ??? please reply soon fast…

  8. Mahesh says

    should we have a website to get the affiliate login or Can we get the affiliate login for mobile browser application also.
    i.e. is affiliated buying takes place only through or is it also possible through

    And should i have a registered website or is it fine if i can make business through mobile browser application.
    Please respond ASAP.

  9. kiran says

    Does snap deal pay us when our site visitor makes a purchase of products which are not mentioned in the product page? What is offer Id I couldn’t find it. What is purpose of mentioning offer ID. However I do not see posts of successful snap deal affiliate customers. Many are posting ill about snap deal. Is it real?

  10. D.Muthukumar says

    Ji, I got an offer from snap deal just now and have created my account with snap deal. My account got approved. But do I have to pay google for anything? Singning up for snap deal is free. But does google charge me in any way to show snap deal ads? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  11. vinod tiwari says

    Hello , i buy a product on snapdeal affilates program. How to check my amount in snapdeal and how much amount when it is transfer to bank account .

  12. Abhishek says


    Can you tell me what type of payment method are they providing? and how many visitors do we need on the monthly basis, to get approved account in snapdeal

  13. Prasanth says

    In Amazon affiliate, they provide affiliate commission for any sales come through any of our affiliate link. If customer came for buying mobile cover through your affiliate link and he/she brought TV, we will get commission for the TV also. In snap deal it is not like that, right ?

    • says

      No.. once a user access site with our affiliate link, it means that, we have dropped a cookie in there browsers.. so anything they purchase within 24 hrs we will get commission. And if a user clear cache and cookies..then we fail.

  14. Biplab says

    I had signup for Affiliate at Snapdeal. Now what should i do?
    Should my affiliate account needs any approval ?

    Can i buy a product from my own affiliate ?
    (Should i need to placed the generated code in my website every time ?
    I want to purchase a product by generating my own affiliate but don’t want to ad this to my website.. will it make any problem ??
    Please Answer , i Really need your Help πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • says

      Don’t know how snapdeal taking its account recently. They need to approve first. And if you buy a product with your own affiliate link, then you should make a note that you won’t earn commission because they trace you. You should use different email to buy a product with your affiliate account and from different pc too.

      – Good Luck

  15. Vishal says

    Hi, can you suggest or tell (if)

    Why Snapdeal credited 1250/- on sale of Nikon Camera woth 34040/- while as per 10% slab it should be 3404/- INR, and also let me know when they transfer the earned commission to respective bank account of the Affiliate.

    Best Wishes

  16. Rudy says

    Dont waste your time with snapdeal affilaite, they’re scammers! They havent pay my commission from feb 2015 until now (nov 15), they always not responding on emails.

  17. Imtiaz says

    I added a product link (Mobile phone) which has my ID in the code. when the same is placed in the home page through my HTML editor, only the hyper link to the product is visible though it has taken a space, but no image is shown why ?

  18. Adnan Kavishi says


    My name is kavishi and I have Not shared The Affilated Link many People So Please Give me easy Tips About Sharing Link Many People ASAP


  19. khakchangri Debbarma says

    Hi.. I need one help.!!
    Can You please help me, how to request for my Snapdeal affiliate payout? I have made aprox 1700Rs, and I had even mailed them, but there support was not good..
    Waiting for reply.
    Regards, khakchangri.

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