Effective Ways To Make Your Blog More Personal And Unique

This article gives a little advice on how to make your blog more personal and unique and describes a few possible benefits that may be enjoyed by bloggers. The benefits range from using blogging as a revision tool to making money via affiliate advertising. The article gives short reasons why a person may wish to become a blogger, as well as things that current blog writers may do to make their blog more personal or unique

Make your blog personal
Make your blog personal


Making you rich and famous

Blogging is not going to make you rich or famous, but that does not mean that blogging is a complete waste of time. Here are a few benefits that certain people may enjoy and a few ways that you can make it more personal and unique to you. This will help to lay the foundations of a blogging brand.

Post adverts for your own website or products on your blog

You may create adverts such as banner adverts, suggested item adverts, or simply have picture and image links. You may do this instead of installing more traditional affiliate advertising onto your blog. Doing this will essentially allow you to promote your own website or products for free. It makes your website a little more personal in the fact that you are still advertising on it, but you are not advertising the junk of other people.

Use it to install backlinks that point to your website

Links from other domains are known as backlinks, so just as long as your blog is not part of your website; you will be able to install backlinks onto it. Backlinks are good for making your website appear more popular, and therefore help it to rank up through the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of the search engines. This does not make your blog anymore unique, but it sure is a good way of getting something from your website

Use it as online proof that you are an expert in an area

Write very knowledgeable and expert blog posts about the area that you claim to be an expert in. You may have to create some very high quality posts in order to prove your case, but blogging will at least buy you a little more credibility. This is going to make your blog exceedingly personal and desperately unique, since there is only one of you (unless you are twin).

Make money with affiliate advertising money

Most people are going to advise you to add affiliate advertising onto your blog. It is not a terrible idea, but do not believe the rumours that you are going to make a lot of money with affiliate advertising because you will not.

Blog, learn and revise

This is a simple blogging technique you can use to help you revise what you are learning in school, college or university. You write blog posts about your current subject, which helps you learn the material. You then go over your blog posts when it is time to revise. If you are using your blog to revise then you have made it as personal as it can get because you are (potentially) the only one getting any benefit out of it. However, there is just as much chance that other people are going get some sort of academic benefit out of it.

Write biased and promotional reviews at the request of other people

You may solicit people as ask them to pay you for reviews, or you may sign up to one of those websites that pay you for reviews. The payment is not often very good, but it is better than blogging for free. Sadly, this is not going to make your website unique, but your style of review may be so unique that people actually enjoy reading your reviews.

Build it up as a day-by-day diary of your life

You can make it deeply personal with a number of your thoughts and feelings built into the blog posts, or you can make it a testament to how great you are. It is up to you, but you will find that it becomes a far juicier read if you add in a few details that you would not normally divulge to strangers.

Slowly improve your talent for writing

You may use blogging as a way of improving your writing skills. You may become a faster writer or simply to improve how you construct sentences. Some people suffer from writer’s block quite often, and this sort of thing may be overcome with weekly blogging sessions.

Post about what you learned to prove you understood it

The value of a degree becomes less and less every year, as more and more people become degree holders. By creating weekly posts about what you have learned, it will show that you not only hold the degree, but that you actually paid attention and understood what you were being taught.

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