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All the day thinking of driving traffic to your new blog posts or old posts, you have been using similar methods to promote your blog for getting more traffic. But today it’s all about quality traffic to be driven. You might have a word “blogging communities“. Today I am listing best blogging communities to join and enjoy pure quality blog traffic.

Best blogging communities social networking sites promting 2014
Best blogging communities 2014

Before we get into the list of best blogging community sites which are also know as “Social Networking sites“. Blogging Communities are International Social Networking sites that drives quality bloggers traffic to many sites. So it’s time to give a try to each community.

1. BlogEngage

BlogEngage is premium blogging community site. I mentioned the word premium, you can understand how the quality and quantity lies in this site. But I would thank Brian ( admin) of BlogEngage for introducing professional bloggers at one place. So the word “Premium” also has another feature, which is not for free. Yes, BlogEngage accounts are not free of cost. You need to pay for registering and it’s worth for each penny you pay.


2. Kingged.com

Kingged.com blogging community site designed with wordpress and using this is easy. Not easy as BlogEngage and GetBlogTraffic.net. Kingged.com drives good traffic like other communities. Kingged conducts daily blog commenting cash giveaways, if you are interested you can join it. Kingged.com is quite different when compared to other communities. But I am sure you get more comments on your submitted articles in Kingged.com because of their daily blog commenting giveaway.


3. Bizsugar.com

Bizsugar is also a famous blogging community. It is also top blogging community. So there are over thousand of registered users in Bizsugar blogging community, that permits to share blog posts. Bizsugar has its own specialty, when compared to other blogging community. Bizsugar has lot of user engagement and highly professionals. Like other communities here also voting system in maintained. Once your post gets into top 10 articles, then your post would be displayed in top 10 widget and also weekly news letter. Registered users get the list of top posts of the week. So you get more exposure and more traffic.. from professionals.


4. Inbound.org

Inbound.org is alos a professional community, similar to other blogging communities. Your first submitted post should be approved by moderator team. A single violating or spam submission would surely lead to ban of your account. If you wanna give it a try register. You need more upvotes to get top. If you can’t produce quality content, then you fail to get good traffic from this community.


5. Dosplash.com

Dosplash is a simple clean and perfect community site for bloggers. Dosplash permit users to share their blog posts and get connected to registered users like other blogging communities.


6. GetBlogTraffic.net

GetBlogTraffic.net is a new blogging community site, but fast developing. Get Blog Traffic Blogging Community has it’s own guidelines like no .blogspot site accepted. This explains, they are serious about bloggers who join their site. I personally tried this community and blog traffic from this community is quite reasonable. This is similar to BlogEngage, but this is free not paid like BlogEngage. I recommend to join this highly active blogging community.

getblogtraffic.net_best blogging_community_review

7. Klinkk.com

Klinkk.com is also a new community but awesome community like GetBlogTraffic.net. Klinkk.com is developed by Erik. Surely he had done good job for bloggers like us. So Klinkk.com is also active blogging community site. The design is clear and simple to use. You can give it try to enjoy traffic from fellow bloggers.


8. Indiblogger.in

Indiblogger.in is also famous blogging community for bloggers. IndiBlogger has its own rules. Getting approved to Indiblogger is also hard. It has some rules like no copied content, no spam and few restictions, like .blogspot or .wordpress sites not accepted. So you can understand it’s professionalism. IndiBlogger also conduct meetings in famous cities all over INDIA. We love this community for bringing bloggers together in beside regions.


9. ManageWp.org

Managewp.org is also new blogging community. This is also fast developing blogging community, specially wordpress related. You find all users who use wordpress platform there. This community also has some restrictions like your Karma score should be greater than 110. Read: What is Karma and how to improve it? So you not supposed to share blog posts not related to wordpress. I don’t recommend if you are not a wordpress.


10. Blokube.com

Blokube active blogging community. The design is similar to getblogtraffic.net and blogengage.com but a little change in theme. You can directly view published post of users. The design is clean and neat. You can give it a try.

blokube.com_blogging_community review

Over to you :

I have collected 10 best blogging communities to join and promote your blog posts to get more traffic. Surely you enjoy improving your traffic results with these blogging communities. I would like to say, don’t spam, read community guidelines first, because these are strict and you get blocked for life time if you spam in these communities. If you have .blogspot or .wordpress or any other free domain sites, just buy domain from godaddy or bigrock. Read: Bigrock vs Godaddy for better comparison.

I think you see a comment below, let me know what do you think abou these blogging communities..? Does joining blogging communities helped you..? Drop a comment. I am eager to hear from you. Please make this post social.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Akshay Hallur says

    Nice collection Tharun,
    Just reading your article. Kingged and Dosplash are new for me. If you have marked whether a community is dofollow or not, it would be useful for me and as well as future visitors.
    Akshay Hallur

    • says

      Hey Amita !,
      Welcome to my site. Surely other communities also drive awesome traffic to your blogs. All you need is to be regular, vote others, comment on other posts and share them. In return you get the same. Thanks for your comment. Keep Visiting.

  2. Ammar Zeb says

    Well, I must say this is the best list of blogging communities ever and I am glad to see that BlogEngage is on the top because they really deserve it …

    Thanks for sharing with us ….

    • says

      Hi Ammar,

      Almost Yes. But the list of sites are not in order. Hope blogengage would be #1 position even I filter. Thanks for your comment. Hope you keep visiting.

  3. says

    Great post Bro. These are really very useful and profitable Blogging Communities. All those bloggers who wish to get nice amount of traffic and ranking they must join these Blogging Communities. Thanks Bro for sharing this awesome article 🙂

  4. says

    Hey Tharun,awesome collection.Those blogging communities are most important for getting huge amount of traffic..Thanks for sharing such a informative information with us..

    Salim Ali

  5. says

    These are indeed awesome blogging communities to join, i am a member of almost all of them and i can attest that being active and engaging meaningfully can bring a lot of traffic to one’s site.

  6. says

    This is a great list. I recently joined Blog Engage and I could not be happier with it. I was unaware of some of the others here. What we can learn from these blogging communities as well as the traffic we will receive makes joining some of these a no-brainer.

  7. says

    BlogEngage is big blog brand I wish to join. I often read and laid out the best tip which shared on this comunity. Be special I will check out an official member in the future.

  8. says

    Hey Tharun,
    excellent round up of the social communities,

    Blogengage has always been my all time favorite. am active on most of these social site – dosplash, bizsugar, kingged, blokube etc. they are all excellent to network and share your content,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • says

      Hi Uttoran,

      Yes Blogengage, is always a great social networking site. Surely give try to communities that you have not yet joined.

      Thanks for your comment keep visiting.

  9. says

    Brilliant set of places to promote your blog posts. I was looking for something like this. I am a member of a few of these but not all of them. I will certainly be joining the rest so that I can promote my blog posts.

    • says

      Hi Shalu Sharma madam,
      Welcome to my blog. I am happy to see you here. Surely you enjoy good blog traffic by joining these blogging communities. It’s worth to give a try to each blogging community listed. Thanks

  10. Prasanna says

    Interesting collection. It is more important for us to get recognized by a group of people to get consistent traffic all time. Through these groups I think we can succeed on this.

    Thanks for Sharing….

  11. says

    Hi Tharun,
    useful list of blogging communities.

    They are a great place if you want to receive traffic for the content you share
    and meet new people in your niche.

    Thanks for including Klinkk,
    much appreciated! 🙂

    • says

      Hello Erik Sir,

      It’s our pleasure to include best communities and even Klinkk is in this list. We love to add each community that help bloggers. Thanks for your visit.

  12. says

    Hi Tharun
    First of all, thanks a ton for such an exciting & informative post. I have seen such articles on many blogs this but found your one the best of all of them. The only thing I would like to tell you is that you should move Klinkk and Blokube to the top as they bring much traffic. This was the only thing I would like to tell you, otherwise, it is fantastic as always!!!


    • says

      Hi Divyansh,
      Welcome to my site. Surely blogging communities drive huge traffic to our blog regularly. And infact, I have not listed communities in order so please negotiate. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Surya Tejaswini says

    Hi Tharun the post is super cool. Great list of blogging communities are given here. I will try them all for sure. Thanks for such an awesome post. Looking forward for such great and useful posts from you.

    • says

      HI Renuka,

      Good to see you here and I welcome to my site. Indiblogger update their terms and conditions. We meet all professionals in blogging communities, using .blogspot or wordpress doesn’t make us professional and their are many disadvantages of using these domains. I will write up soon.

      Thanks for your comment, keep visiting.

  14. says

    Hi Tharun, thanks for sharing these communities. I have a;ready joined in Blogengage and Kingged. Now i am going to try the rest of communities you mentioned here.
    Keep on writing such useful information. Really helpful for the blogger like me.:)

  15. says

    A good blogger very well knows the importance of an active and bustling blogging communities. The advantages of using blogging communities are many. Referral traffic is the main advantage. Then comes user engagement, networking opportunities and loads of other similar advantages.

    The list here is an impressive ones. Some well known communities have been mentioned. I see lots of familiar names in there.

    What I feel about communities is that one must be active in there, to leverage all the benefits. This is a time consuming task to some extent.

    Time is something that I’m running short on. That’s why, these days, I’ve limited to being active on few, in fact, very few communities. Kingged and Klinkk are the ones that I rely upon.

    Among them too, Kingged has been rewarding me very well! Ever since I started being active there, my blog has been blessed with good referral traffic, user engagement and social shares! 🙂 Further, the networking prospects associated with it are also cool!

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


  16. Ryan Biddulph says

    All are winners but I’m huge on Kingged. Loving each community….I need to get Blog Engaging again too. Thanks for the reminder!

  17. says

    Hi Tharun,

    There is of course no doubt these are interesting communities but one thing is clear, the list wouldn’t had being complete without kingged.com

    It is simply a beautiful community and that is where I found this post as well.

  18. says

    These are comprehensive lists of blogging communities. I personally use some of these bloggingg community to boost my content visibility and reach.

    i had success with them, Thanks for sharing

  19. says

    I strongly recommend Blogengage and GetBlogTraffic.net. Brian from Blogengage is relally amazing with many informative and helpful sharing. in addition, they have a very big community that you can join and sharing your knowledge with everyone.
    thanks for your information.


  20. says

    From that list of communities, I amusing Kingged, IndiBlogger and BizSugar. Although, I am quite unsatisfied with BizSugar, as I found its dashboard to be buggy. And don’t know why, but my posts never go live there on the platform.

    Indiblogger and Kingged are just awesome. At both the platforms, one thing is sure- the content accepted will be of good quality. So, user don’t need to worry about their content.

    Although Kingged have no comparison, as its a money making platform which makes it just different from all other communities. Further, the active participation of Admin group is also a good thing about this community.

    Inbound and Klinkk are new to me. And definitely I would give it a try, at least to explore the platform just once.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing it here on kingged.com.

  21. says

    Hello Tharun,
    This is really great collection.

    I already joined kingged community. I know some of these but other are new for me. I will join all other website to promote my blog. and I hope this method will be very helpful for my New year Blog.

    Thanks Tharun for sharing such great places to share latest content.

    Areesha Noor!

  22. Martins says

    This is the list am looking for, to know the best blogging communities I can join, am also searching for tech blogging communities, can you make a list about it?
    I will sure join this ones above.

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