Top Online Shopping Sites In India WIth COD (Cash On Delivery) Option

Online Shopping in India is getting popular day by day because everybody is bored of old models , less products and much more. The growth of online shopping sites in India made many online sites to provides there good with an options of cash on delivery. Online shopping sites in India has provided Indian customers alternatives who were earlier  reluctant to do online transactions because of many reasons like :

  • Lack of internet banking, debit card or credit card which is most popular things including pay pal accounts.
  • Fear of using cards online
  • Fear of non-delivery of ordered products
  • Fear of frauds
  • Worried whether the product is delivered safe or not.
  • Worried whether the site is true or not.
  • Worried that they would get the pure genuine product or used product.

Despite of this many questions and doubts in your mind. I made this article only for you people who want to sit infront of laptop or computer or using other sources like tablet , mobile  and shop right at your home. 

Advantages of  buying a product online :

  1. You can cancel the order before the product is dispatched.
  2. You can also send the back the product if you don’t want to buy it .
  3. You can shop the maximum number of products in online.
  4. You can also pay the product cost in installments some site provide for 3 months , some 6 months and some 1 year. This would really be a great option because buying a product of huge amount ex: 50,000/- you need not to pay all at once you can use debit / credit cards for paying the product in installments.
  5. Some sites provide 30 days return police this is also one the big …….. fill that on your own I say big advantage for the buyer. For example a T-Shirt size not fitted exactly so you can return it only when your return product accepts the rules of the site.
  6. And much more options you can select colour of your product. As this is the problems for many user for example many want iphone in white colour but in the shop it may or may not be . So in online if the product is not available you can order until the colour of your product comes to them and they remind you using mail.
  7. You can filter your search by your budget , colour, size , company, options, and much more.

Disadvantage Of Buying a Product Online :

  • Some sites say they provide 30 day return policy but this is always a fake.
  • Some product are broken on the way to your home. But they tell they would take the product with in 30 days and if the time cross they say you valid to returning product finished.
  • Don’t turst the sites that don’t registered with norton or other secured services.

In What Way The Product Is Delivered ?

You Need not worry about your product. The product is delivered safely with good packing. And the delivery would be at your door steps.


What Is The Maximum Time Taken To Delivery My Ordered Product

The maximum mostly every site takes is not more than 7 days in India. Mostly product gets delivered within 7 days unless there is problem in transport.

How To Trust A Online Shopping Website

It’s really a complicated thing. Many people give there many decision regarding online sites in INDIA and say that site is …… and this site is……………. So you are the one who need to trust the site and order the products. I prefer , , , , . In case you want to buy a watch , bag , lens I highly recommend to go for watchkart, lenskart, bagskart .


Some Of Good And Trusted Online Sites In India

List Of Top 17 Online Shopping Sites

The sites displayed below are the trusted sites and many people trusted them.

Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery

Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
  • Watchkart ( Highly recommended for buying pure genuine watch products )
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
  • Lenkart ( Highly recommended for buying pure genuine lens products )
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
  • Bagskart ( Highly recommended for buying pure genuine bag products )
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery


Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery
Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery

Online shopping sites in india with cash on delivery


What shortly do you say about online shopping ?


Online shopping indicates you are purchasing goods online. Now Indian customers slowly move to use e-commerce this is what followed in foreign. E-Commerce is a concept of online purchasing and selling. Many  provides many efficient features which makes online shopping easy and convenient. Now you can select a product from large variety, with various options , compare price, get offers online.It’s able you to 24 x 7 shopping. At online shopping site you will get attractive offers. In online shopping is a fast shopping compare to traditional shopping. It saves money and time.

No transportation expenses. Some website also provides facility of cash on delivery and collect on delivery. In this no need to payment in advance. You will pay when you get actual delivery of product. Many Indian customers scare about online transaction using debit or credit card. So cash on delivery makes fearless online shopping. Remember mostly online sites show there product price only and at the time of filling delivery it would show you the full amount  : product cost + shipping charges.

Shipping charges may be different when compared to different sites. It would mostly cost 20-30 if the product is below or above 1000. Some sites may increase the shipping charges a little more….

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