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Hi visitor, Just a warm welcome to my blog ( www.bloggerbulk.com ). My blogging journey has many up and downs. that made me learn many facts about blogging. I took up a blogger studied and thought I was missing a professional way and moved my blog to wordpress. The article your are reading is in a self hosted blog. Hope you like it. The man behind blogger bulk is R. Tharun Raj. A student from INDIA is maintaining this blog. Interest in web designing and article writing made me to love blogger and then wordpress. Being in wordpress made me professional and help many of my clients online. I worked many months in blogger and can easily play with blogger customization and SEO tricks.  I have personally solved many blogger template issues and earning money by making there blog perfect for Search Engines by doing perfect SEO Optimization.
Blogger Bulk came forward to help the needed one through the world of internet. I loves sharing and helping. I love to engage more with visitors and feels great when I develops new communications. Blogger Bulk have thought many tips and tricks to online bloggers who host their blogs in blogger as well as wordpress. We later thought to go for Android and Computer Tricks and it was his hobby to learn tips and tricks and always follow a slogan like “learn more and share more” As a part of blogging and SEO, blogger bulk also started providing services to clients all over the world. If you are interested than contact us and we would discuss there. Blogger Bulk gives your pure and genuine content that would have a great knowledge on the post to the admin ( Me ).
Apart from blogging, I live in a place where I don’t have high speed internet. I am managing this blog in a slow internet connection, 512 kb and searching for more services to increase my net speed. My personal life thought me, how to deal blogging perfectly. Unsuccessful bloggers need to give up. I was the one among them. But I manage to continue blogging because of my personal life experience. Now, I don’t and never think of a word “Give Up“. I have learnt many things from other bloggers how to manager organic traffic and manage good SEO.
So I loves to spread and share everything what I know.Thanks for spending time to know a bit about us.If you are interested in advertising / free wordpress installation / SEO Optimizing your blogger template than you can him using this contact form .

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