Reasons Why PageRank Dropped? Tips to Improve PageRank

Recent Page Rank update made everyone shocked because of no information regarding update of Page Rank.  As per Matt Cutts announced that he would not be expecting any Page Rank update in 2013. But the things got changed drastically and update happened few days back on 5th December, 2013. Now, let forget about Matt Cutts words and think of this Page Rank results. I was sitting in internet center with my family member and received a message on Gmail from a friend telling me about the Page Rank update took place. I was eager to check but expecting a Page Rank of my blog would be in between 1-3 and it happened. Previously my blog Page Rank is N/A – Not Available. Now it is PR 2. Firstly thanks to my friend making me surprised and next to Google ( Team of Page Rank ).

why page rank dropped tips to increase page rank

Now I have implemented many methods to increase Page Rank. Seeing an update for my website, settled at PR 2 made me happy and I check page rank again to confirm it. Now many of my friends blogs, got their Page Rank dropped. If you are one among them, I would list reasons why your page rank dropped? My blog is safe from Page Rank update. Many top blogs ranked well in alexa , good domain authority  and had good page rank previously have dropped after this latest Page Rank update but still maintaining good alexa rank and DA. This clearly tells us Page Rank does consider alexa rank and domain authority as its factors. Well, let’s think of some reasons why your blog or websites Page Rank dropped?

1. Quality of Content

A study of blogs/websites that dropped in Page Rank has dropped in producing quality content. If you look at popular blogs they keep on publishing their blog posts regularly, which is a good practice to increase alexa rank and domain authority. Regular updating your blog may increase blog traffic, but the problem raises when a blogger thinks of money and forgets the quality of the blog post, he is publishing. Google Page Rank does not depend on your blog traffic, or alexa rank or Domain Authority ( DA ) this is a fact. So don’t think that your alexa is low or your domain authority is low or any other reasons that might be drop down in Page Rank. I have few examples for this but extremely sorry, that I could not point out their websites here.

Remember as I mentioned above that regularly updating your blog content is good, but consider post frequency. Post frequency must be followed by every blogger to secure his site from any droppings like DA or alexa or PA or any other.

2. Getting High Quality Backlinks

If you don’t get high quality backlinks to your blog, without trusted backlinks, how could google or visitors trust your blog is secured or content produced here is trusted? So if you are thinking Effective Ways to Increase Page Rank, use these tips that help to increase page rank like blog commenting, internal linking, producing quality content and regular updating.

3. Not Updating Regularly

Not updating your blog regularly is nothing but not taking blogging as serious. Yes, if you don’t consider blogging as serious job, and if google finds your blog left without updating, it’s always a biggest mistakes in blogging. If you don’t regularly update your blog. How could google bots regularly come to visit your blog for updates? That is also a reason why your blog post is not indexing fastly in google search results. So how could you get a good page rank if are not active?

4. Reveal your Secret Ways for Traffic?

Just think about your blog traffic, how you increased your blog traffic? Haha, I know if you are not good in on page SEO Optimization, but you still maintaining huge blog traffic, then I could guess two ways for your blog traffic increase. Using Social Media or ….. doing black hat SEO Techniques. Black Hat SEO can give you good and fast results in alexa rank and blog traffic. But remember this won’t work well in Google Page Rank factors. So if you are using black hat SEO in your blog then its time to stop it and focus on producing quality content.

5.  Don’t have knowledge of internal linking

Internal linking is also a great factors that helps to increase your page rank. You might have not using internal linking effectively. So don’t think internal linking as low factor of Page Rank. Internal Linking helps robots to index well in search results. A popular blog with quality content is always blessed with internal linking even from other websites. So internal linking can be done by two links “no follow and do follow?” Difference between no follow and do follow links is most important for internal linking. Always add rel=”nofollow” to demo links and add rel =”dofollow” for other link pointing in your website or pointing to other trusted websites. Note : Not using effectively do follow and no follow links in your blog is also responsible for your blog page rank decrease.

6. Purchased Expired Domain

Recent upcoming new bloggers, don’t have patience to wait for next update of Page Rank. So thinking of black hat SEO techniques for increasing page rank, the best one is buying an expired domain with good page rank. This is a bad idea. Don’t buy a domain that is not related to your niche. If a Page Rank 2 is allotted to a website, it might be alloted by considering its quality backlinks, google links and many more factors. If you buy that domain, then the admin or the owner should increase his work to get ready for next page rank update to increase his page rank. So buying a new domain and feeling as if you have ” PR 4 or PR 5+ blog” with you, is not enough. Hard work is a key to increase page rank.

7. Spam website pointing to your site

Day by day new bloggers are coming forward with some great content but mostly the copied content. If a blog is marked or noted as spam blog, getting a backlink from a spam site would affect your blog search engine rank position and this might be a reason for page rank dropping.

8. Selling Links in your website

Page rank dropped for many popular websites including news papers, top blogging sites, and many other. Matt Cutts stated that selling links in your blog to point other low quality sites would surely give a big bad hit to your page rank.

Does Page Rank Matter?

Yes, Page Rank matters a lot. Bloggers have not expected update of Page Rank again. So they thought page doesn’t matter now a days. But surprisingly, page rank update made very one to alert and be back on white hat SEO Techniques. So advertisers and blogger need to prove that a their website is ranked well in page rank, has improved alexa rank. After humming bird, google search engine changed alot and you need to prove your self. So concentration on alexa, page rank and domain authority is must for every website owner. Either page rank or alexa rank or DA is low then you don’t get good advertisers to your blog.

If you ask me to tell some good tips to improve page rank. Page Rank considers many factors. Google Page Rank algorithm is not known and could not be expected to be known. Many pro bloggers have pointed out that google used a different kind of page rank algorithm that was not used previously, so that might also be a reason for page rank dropping. So, its time to get into a perfect tips without using black hat SEO in your blog to improve your Page Rank.

get ready for next page rank update

If you see, my blog is registered on July 03, 2013, and has a PR 2 right now, which is the first update of page rank for our blog. I would reveal my techniques what I implemented in my blog to attain this result. Its is 5 months, 6 days website. I think, I should still attain good PR if I have followed all google ranking factors for a website. Let me share my 4 techniques with you.

1. Hard Work

Giving quality content to my visitors. I have been blogging regularly. I have not left my blog more than 4-5 days without updating. Mean while I do collect good information,  and publish quality blog posts. I write a blog post thinking of new bloggers and not for pro bloggers. So your goal to get good page rank is to ” Produce Amazing Content” that should be useful many and many. Make sure quality is must.

If it is useful to many, it is shareable by many. If your content is shared by many then you are getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites.

2. Backlinks

Getting a quality backlinks pointing to your blog is toughest job. No one points to your blog for free, if you don’t have quality content. Remember always try to get backlinks from most trusted sites like .edu and .gov which are  considered most quality backlinks. Remember google does not consider backlinks from a news websites, told by Matt Cutts in one of his Google Webmaster Video. So, I think, Page Rank considered mostly quality backlinks as one the ranking factor in this update. I managed well in getting good quality backlinks to my blog from only trusted sites. I did few guest posts, in top Page Rank blogs, that helped me.

So I suggest to go for guest posts that would help you in increasing blog traffic and developing quality backlinks. Use google disallow tool for removing backlinks that are pointing to your site from spam websites or you wish to remove link from a particular website. Inorder to remove a backlink you don’t need, first you need to find websites linking back to your site. Inorder to find them,  Login to Google Webmaster Tools, select your site, click on Traffic,  and then on links pointing to your site. There you find all the websites linking to your blog/site with number of links. You can use google disallow tool to remove a backlinks and stay safe from negative SEO.

ATTENTION : Before you get in using google disallow tool, Matt Cutts clearly told that, using google disallow tool not effectively may harm your blog. So its is highly highly not recommend to play with google disallow tool. You can find Google Disallow Tool here. So don’t try to use this if you don’t know how to use it. I would surely come up with an article on ” How to use google disallow tool effectively for removing links ?

finding links pointing to our site

3. Commenting on Top

Commenting has many benefits. So check our post on benefits of commenting on other blogs. Commenting has many advantages, many bloggers don’t know how they help you. A brief about benefits of commenting. Commenting helping developing users relation ships that makes blog owner to notice you and help you for free ( Not paying penny ) if you are in wrong track. Helps in generating backlinks, driving traffic. Backlinks are out target, so you can get quality backlink here for free. What do you think? I perfer you to make a list of commentluv enabled blogs, and start commenting on their latest post. Remember to comment related to the post not ” Just to Comment “. Blog owner hates spamming including me. So beware of this.

Blog owners need to open their brains before approving other comments. Make sure a regular blog visitor’s comment can be approved without checking his website or link he added in website section, because he is trusted and regular visitor to your blog. Where as new bloggers comment giving all rubbish links to their spam website or youtube video links or any other. So it’s blog owners duty to check the website link before approving and make it safe that should not affect your blog. Note : Never approve a comment linked to AxDxUxLxT site, sites with dead content and also site with software about hacking and cracking. If done so, your blog may be marked as spam site for pointing to their sites as trusted and by giving a backlink in comment section. This might be a reason for deleting your blog by google.

4. Article Length of blog post

As usual routine, routine and routine. Post length matters? Yes, Yes and Yes. Always writing an article more than 500 words. It is highly recommended to create a blog post with more than 500+ words. A good practice would be between 500-800 words. Later you can increase its length. Depending how depth you go through your article.

So you can easily increase page rank even after dropping. But remember increase the quality of content. Don’t use any black hat SEO Techniques, or buy blog traffic. Hard work respects you, if you work hard on y

Article By Tharun

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    The awful situation arises when one’s page rank dropped like a mango in tree. Perhaps, Quality Contents matter a lot. The secret of a successful website is having a solid foundation of articles. Once can win over reader’s heart when the contents are engaging and useful which matters for the readers. Perhaps, backlinks too carry a weight and have a great profit. I do practice building backlink by commenting on sites manually which not only helps me to build backlinks but also share my views about the article through comment.

    Thanks a lot Tharun for the great contribution.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • says

      Hi Bishwal,

      Thanks for commenting here. Surely we love improving page rank. But if our page rank drops, it is google challenging us for next page rank update in 2014. So the above listed tips to recover dropped page rank would help bloggers who lost it in recent update.

  2. says

    Some times it does not necessarily mean you may have sold links on your blog, i was recently hit by a manual penalty because my external links were dofollow and i was losing link juice to such links and Google considered i was selling links, but i have fixed that by making all external links nofollow.

    • says

      Hi Nwosu,

      I can understand how important are outbound links, I do agree with you and these days we should not depends on only google traffic, we should use social media to grow our audience. I too should make my external links dofollow soon. Thanks for pointing out.

  3. says

    Hey Tharun.A awesome alert for the blogger about page rank..Dropping a page rank for a site as Dropping some one from building..To keep the page rank safe we have to do the ways which you have denoted above.Thanks for sharing with us..

    • says

      Hi Salim,

      It was funny, we need to depends on high quality content and traffic to improve our rankings. PageRank helps us in getting advertisers. So a good pagerank would lead to good success. Thanks For your comment. Keep Visitng

  4. says

    Hi Tharun,
    Again, your link on Facebook made me click on it and yes, you again came up with a superb post!!! I totally agree with all the PR falling reasons you have mentioned here and suggest all the newbies out there to follow the PR improvement tips (including me as my blog’s PR is 0). And, this was the most needed post right now because the PR will be updated this month only, according to the current Google updates.

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