[Fixed] Xiaomi Redmi 1S Heating Issues/RAM/Battery Problems

Redmi 1S is priced for Rs. 5,999/- at flipkart. And I thank MI for this awesome budget phone with lot of features and customization built in. But Redmi 1S mobile have facing issues with heating, RAM and also battery problems. So we found a solution to reduce Xiaomi Redmi 1S heating.

Update Xiaomi Redmi 1s To Android Kitkat

Before I would like to discuss this tips to reduce heating on your android smartphone make sure you create backup to your files and root your Redmi 1S android smartphone. After rooting your device you would be able to get access to remove unwanted apps which comes pre installed.

redmi 1s heating issues ram battery backup problems


1. Root your Redmi 1S device to continue for STEP 2.  Just follow this guide>> how to root your Xiaomi Redmi.


Using unwanted apps installed in your android smartphone surely increasing RAM, takes space in Internal Memory as well as may lead to heating issues and slow running problems. So we have listed few applications which you can uninstall/freezed to free your RAM memory.

Tip:  Download and use link2sd app from play store to freeze given list of apps. After you install and open link2sd app, choose the app you want to freeze, click on Actions and choose Freeze. <link to download>

  • ANT HAL Service
  • Browser (Using Chrome)
  • Drive
  • Facebook
  • Flipkart (if you are not regular eCommerce shopper)
  • Google Hindi Input
  • Google Pinyin Input
  • Google Play Book
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google+
  • Google Search
  • Hangouts
  • Mail
  • Mi Cloud (Required for themes)
  • MiTalk
  • Play Games
  • SIM Toolkit
  • Sync with Mi Cloud (Required for themes)
  • Video Player (using MX player)
  • Xiaomi Assistant

Note we have included some regular usage apps like Facebook, Google+, Google Search and few other. You can still keep them according to your needs.


You need to install Universal init.d app from play store and enable init.d support in this app. Note Universal init.d app is developed by Androguide.fr <play store for download>


Now you need to install Custom CWM Recovery

  1. Now Download attached file “signed_cwm_update redmi.zip”  <download link>
  2. Rename it to update.zip and paste in root folder of internal storage ( use USB Cable).
  3. Go to Settings, then to about phone and click system update button
  4. Press menu button and then press “reboot to recovery
  5. Select language as English and then select flash update.zip option.
  6. After done, turn phone off, now press volume up+ power until you enter cwm recovery


Now install the performance mod

  • Visit that link and download pureperformance for CM from this link.
  • Move this file to your external sd card’s root folder (use USB Cable)
  • Now boot into cwm recovery, make a backup
  • Flash pureperformance mod and reboot

Using above tips your Redmi 1S is successfully modified to reduce heating issues as well as save your RAM problems including battery draining. Make sure you give your device atleast 30 minutes to make it settle for all these changes. If you still don’t find your device fixed you can continue doing the below process as well.


Underlock your Xiaomi Redmi 1S. What happens when you underlock your device? Underlocking helps to increase the life of processor and also helps mobile to prevent heating issues, increases battery life and much more advantages.

  • First Install No-frills CPU control from playstore <link>
  • Now give it Root permissions
  • Set the Max clock to 1.402 Ghz
  • Set the mini clock freq to 300 Mhz
  • Note that, Don’t select “apply on boot” now. If anything goes wrong, u can reboot the device and it will set it to default.


Fixing low RAM issues in your redmi 1s.

  • Goto Play store and Install MinFreeManager (this Require Root) <link>
  • Click Menu button >> Preferences >> choose Mild
  • Click Menu button >> Apply


Hibernate apps helps to free RAM memory

  • Install Greenify from Playstore <link>
  • Go to SecurityPermission → Auto start management and add auto start apps
  • Now select Greenify

These are few tips and solutions we used to reduce our Redmi 1S mobile heating issues. We fixed RAM problems and also battery draining quickly problems. Few of our friends tried these method and they are happy now. I can’t guarantee 100% reduction in heating but believe that it may reduce them 95%.  The above tips are worth trying… :). If you have any queries regarding this article drop a comment below.

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    • says

      Hi Sandesh,

      That might be… but redmi 1s is very good device. Only we to concentrate is about features of it. I do believe it has very good features as well as quality mobile for a price of Rs. 6,999/- I do agree with these ram usage problems and batter quick draining issues… other than these the device is perfect for everthing. But using above methods will solve your problems 🙂

  1. Sachin k says

    Thank you for the guide…
    this actually works…i see a considerable difference in phone tempreture
    great improvement in speed !! 🙂
    redmi rocks!!!

  2. ALTAIR says

    As u know, after rooting redmi 1s, the phone won’t receive OTA update. After doing above steps, how to unroot and bring back device to its original state?

  3. Raam Shankar says

    while open Universal init.d app it says “unforunately Universal init.d has stopped ” what to do ?

    How to uninstall “signed_cwm_update redmi.zip” ?

  4. akbar says

    I am apply you all trick but no difference
    How can I my phone unroot and get update.
    And how to I back my phone original position please guide me. And remove performance tweak and how to get back original recovery mode. Please reply

  5. Nikhil says

    Hey, Tharun,
    I did everything mentioned above and still my ram doesnt’t free more than 300Mbs and the battery life also is a real concern. When I went to sleep the battery was full. Then when I woke up and checked the phone its only 18%. Please help me on this buddy.

  6. smore0301 says

    i rooted device but when i used no frills CPU but its always show current speed at 998mhz and 1.594 for.
    for that i change to 1.402 and 300 but it doesn’t change after reboot also it doesn’t change

  7. Kailash Purohit says

    Dear Tharun,

    I have downloaded latest update in my Redme 1S but i am still facing heat problem. My device is getting heated vry much even after upgrading to latest version.

    Please let me know if there is any steps or setting which i need to follow for reducing heat issue.

    Kindly provide some ultimate solution for the same.

  8. Mehul says

    Hi tarun I read your tips aboutRedmi 1s and I’m impressed.
    What is best to apply to ur tips or to update with cm11 kit kat. Please reply fast.

  9. bhavuk says

    I have tested on heating and ram issues…. gr8 improvement of upto 500 my free ram…. just install a heavy game like I have installed asphalt 8….the heavy apps automatically reduce ram usage to run themselves…. awesome experience for the game doesn’t make the phone slow…… also you can increase a bit more ram by switching off and on the phone on daily basis

    Self experience

  10. Sandeep MJ says

    Hi, I have rooted the Redmi 1s , but after that I can not play my music through Music icon appearing on screen, instead I forced to play through explorer icon and I can not also view Photo also. PL help

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