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Tips on How to Increase Google Adsense RPM? ( Revenue )

increase adsense rpm

RPM is shortly defined as “Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM)“. Increasing tips on adsense RPM should be smartly implemented. I say RPM varies from different country locations. Adsense RPM is also responsible for your increase/decrease in CPC ( Cost Per Click ). Before you learn few tips to improve RPM, you need to learn what is adsense RPM  and how ... Read More »

Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content debited $$ from Finalized Earnings

invalid traffic for adsense

“Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content” is regularly seen in many adsense accounts these days. Adsense debits money from finalized earnings. So invalid traffic for adsense content is registered and charges a debit which is sad news for adsense users. When Isaw my most recent payments page in adsense dashboard, I noticed a debit of $ 0.11 from my finalized ... Read More »