Hide Affiliate Links In WordPress Using Gocodes Plugin

Affiliate links are not so attractive to make users to click on them. They are long and ugly. Users get worried to click on such a long affiliate url links. So we can hide affiliate links in wordpress using gocodes plugin. Before getting into guide on how to use gocodes plugin. Let’s discuss why and how to Cloak Affiliate Link in WordPress. Are wondering what this term Cloak is about. Let me explain.

What is Cloak Linking?

Cloak Linking is assigning links to specific url. Here we take two url and point it to the third url. Using affiliate link cloak in your blog, would make your visitors trust you. Because you might have huge traffic to your blog but you might be poor in affiliate marketing techniques. So we have some techniques to improve income by affiliate program.


  • We cloak affiliate link by using a brand/product name
  • Using short and brand name in affiliate link would make visitor to go for purchase as the url contains brand.

Why should I hide affiliate links in wordpress?

You need hide affiliate links because of few reasons. As said above, they are long and ugly. We need to make attractive. And affiliate marketing deals with linking and selling products, so we need to maintain smart, short and hide it from search engines to prevent our blog from getting penalized.

Use Gocodes Plugin to cloak affiliate links
Use Gocodes Plugin to cloak affiliate links

Gocodes Wordpess Plugin :

Gocodes a free wordpress plugin is available to hide affiliate links in wordpress blogs and use a premium look like  “go” or “recommended” in affiliate link. Having a pretty good links, your affiliate link and cloak link. These two looks different but landing on same page. You need not worry because these two are same.

Guide on using Gocodes WordPress Plugin:

Now download gocodes wordpress plugin and install it by migrating to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload and Activate it. Now go to Settings >> Click on Gocodes. There you find two options to be customized.

  • Choose what you want to display in cloak link.  Like:   domain.com/go/brand/  (or) domain.com/partner/brand/ (or) domain.com/recommended/brand/
  • By default you see “go” you can change it recommended, partner or any other what you need.
  • Second is using nofollow. Remember always use nofollow to demo and affiliate links to be out of danger zone. Google is hunger to penalize your blog. For more information read :  What are nofollow and dofollow links?
Gocodes WordPress plugin
Settings for gocodes plugin

After making above settings in your plugin, then go to Tools >> Gocodes . Here you are supposed to add your affiliate url and cloak link. See the below image.

Hide affiliate links in wordpress
Hide affiliate links in wordpress

The above images explains an affiliate url looks like:  http://www.bloggerbulk.com/go/Hostgator/ I think this is awesome when compared to ugly and long urls. Now a user can surely click on them and may help to raise your affiliate earnings. After making all your changes now click on Add Redirect. You are done!


Under Manage GoCodes :

You have check how many clicks have been made to the set up url. See hits.

Alternative to gocodes :

You now understood the importance of this plugin. As this plays an important role regarding hiding affiliate links. There should be another plugins like this. Yes, you have Simple Url’s plugin from studiopress. Highly recommended alternative for gocodes plugin.

Watch : How to use gocodes plugin ?

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      Yes, it is really a good plugin and free one. Alternative to this plugin is Simple Url’s plugin from studiopress. You can use this if have any problem. Thanks for your comment.

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